RenderKing Render Farm FAQ

What is RenderKing?

This render farm offers up to 588+ ghz of 64 bit 128 quad core with hyperthreaded processing (for 8 total/256 cores) rated up to 23,360 (total averaged) CineBench R15 of render power (each render node 730CB avg.) and currently offers 8 NVIDIA RTX 2080 GPU, expanding to 16 soon and beyond.

The render farm supports Maxon Cinema 4D R19.068, R20.59. It consists of 32 quad core Intel i7 2600K processors overclocked to 4.4/4.6ghz, each render station is equipped with 32GB of fast dual channel DDR3-1600 ram and large cache fast SATA hard drives.

All run Windows 7 Professional SP1 64bit OS. Dedicated 8-core Intel OSX, and Linux servers run the various processes on the render farm. Separate MacPro Quad 8-core acts as the "control" system and continuously monitors the farm for proper running programs and processes - reporting detailed feedback or any issues to admin via email and text 24 hours a day. All systems are running on Gigabit network with large SmartUPS 1500 Commercial grade battery back up systems on every CPU for optimum speed and stability.

Most importantly, these are not "borrowed" corporate, industrial or university computers that are being used by other businesses needs, secretary workstations or college computer lab stations being "hijacked" or used as needed to act as a render farm, with no security or ethical issues in their full time use as render clients.

RenderKing was the first flat rate priced render farm in 2002 - it literally changed the industry as nearly all render farms now offer flat rate pricing now - compared to the cost spiraling ghz hour time based calculations.

With RenderKing you know what you are getting... I've never hid the numbers, always given the specs and the hardware used in the farm so you can make an educated decision on where you spend your render budget. No secret sauce, no confusing credits, no "special" pricing games and endless discount schemes to lure you you in with no clear final price that can blow your budget.

Be sure to compare CineBench render power of other farms when price shopping, some hide their CB numbers, or disguise lower CB with higher numbers of Nodes/CPU/Cores to make their prices seem a better performance value.

Multiple Day Subscriptions

10 Days - 128 CPU Cinema 4D +VRAY +CYCLES +REDSHIFT - Access up to 128 cpu/256 Cores, up to 23,360 CineBench, and 8 x GTX 2080 GPU, with 24/7 full user control over projects and renders with finished render output to your private user folder using FTP, WEB FTP or Drop Box. $1189.

25 Days - 128 CPU Cinema 4D +VRAY +CYCLES +REDSHIFT- Access up to 128 cpu/256 Cores, up to 23,360 CineBench, and 8 x GTX 2080 GPU, with 24/7 full user control over projects and renders with finished render output to your private user folder using FTP, WEB FTP or Drop Box. $1489.

Custom Payment - this option allows an easy way to pay for a Special Request payment situation or other special arrangements if needed. Simply click this buy now button and it will allow you to enter the desired amount for payment.

There are up to 76,800 cpu render hours available per 25 day subscription (32 dedicated render farm computers X 4 cpu X 24 hours in a day X 25 day usage period).

When is RenderKing Available?

This is a completely dedicated professional render farm - available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Like all render farms RK cannot always make guarantees about uptime or throughput performance at possible peak usage times which will vary based on number of subscribed users and jobs in queue to render.

Jobs are processed in a FIFO (first in first out) order, your deadlines or time frame of your project are ultimately your final responsibility. It is difficult to predict peak usage patterns and cannot make special favors for priority access. I do make sure that balance is kept between users and render jobs, so throughput is as efficient and fair as possible. Technical support will be offered for render problems that directly relate to the render farm only. You have 24 hour FTP access to upload, render and download your files and rendered frames as needed.


If you would like to have your RK user folder assigned as a Drop Box Folder (users can still use the other WEB FTP, SFTP, or FTP methods of connection too) please send me your Drop Box user email so I can send you an invitation to connect to your RK user folder as a Drop Box.

A RK user folder acting as a Drop Box is very convenient for users as they can just drag a project folder to their RK drop box enabled user folder (then let it upload though Drop Box of course), then log into the RK NET Server web page to start their render and then the finished frames will just invisibly stream back to your side into your RK Drop Box folder. The rendered results will go into the Results folder, inside the project folder - it really integrates a user to the farm quite seamlessly.

It really seems to resolve the issue of a "huge" data pile that for many users is often is a long download at the end of a render. While Drop Box just streams your rendered frames back with no effort to your desktop as the job renders.It is much better then those farms/methods that use C4D itself to manage this process as that means you can't quit/restart your computer or the C4D app during any download, or freezes and crashes of C4D etc will affect/stop the data coming back. Also, if you decide your workstation is better used for processor intensive tasks, with Drop Box you can also set up the receiving Drop Box folder on a central file server or alternate computer location of your choice (can't do that with in app C4D download methods), and you can add other users to the Drop Box account so that all the people who need the data get it automatically - you decide and are in total control.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to think ahead if you are rendering large data intensive renders that you have enough Drop Box storage available! Once your data is copied to your local Drop Box you can easily move it to another location on your hard drive to free up room in your drop box for any other renders. (Note: this does remove it from your RK user folder too, as that is how Drop Box works)

WEB FTP, SFTP, FTP and all other existing RK data transfer methods will still exist, the addition of drop box will just be another option for those who choose it.

How Does RenderKing Work?

Email me at indicating you would like to set up an account. Include your name, company name (if applicable), mailing address, desired LOGIN NAME and PASSWORD (minimum of 4 characters please) and what version of C4D you would like to use to render in the email. I cannot setup a new account without this information. To change your PASSWORD on a current account, just email me or indicate the change in your next PAYPAL payment email.

Once you have an account on RenderKing at any time you have the ability to upload or download your files. Simply upload your complete project folder with all your settings set as needed. Make sure to set relative pathnames for textures. All users should be sure to remove any files and rendered frames when completely finished with your job so as not to waste server space. Files left on the server are typically deleted 48 hours after the user subscription has expired.

HOW TO USE RENDERKING - the EASIEST farm to use out there

1. Open your scene file and set the render settings to your desired output, then SAVE PROJECT WITH ASSETS from Cinema 4D.

2. SAVE into or Drag that new project folder into your RK Drop Box folder.

3. Switch to your web browser and click START on your project - as the job renders the rendered frames are automatically copied back to your side using Drop Box ready to use.

That's as EASY as it can be.

4. OPTIONAL/RE-RENDERS ARE EASY TOO - To re-render just edit/re-save the project file, clear the old results and run the job again - or reuse the project folder with other scene files to save uploading any large textures again.

What Plug-ins Are Available On RenderKing?

Plug-ins for rendering will be added, updated and supported on an as-needed, and as-requested basis. Stability of the render farm machines for ALL users is first priority. For speed and to prevent any issues bake any plug-ins you can before rendering, this in many cases relieves the need for the plug-in to be on the render farm - many plug-ins may not function normally when distributed between multiple processors. Check your plug-in documentation for any concerns or compatibility with network rendering before you submit a job with a plug-in.

What If I Need Help Or Have A Question?

For render farm user account status, access or rendering issues, or any other RenderKing related questions email to the response time will be as soon as possible.

Some Rules That Help RenderKing Run Efficiently

Please render a couple test frames on your own computer FIRST. Please make sure you have tried at least ONE frame on your own machine to make sure it actually WILL render and not crash the render clients with an out of memory error as well as so you know what to expect for render time. Make sure you check your save and texture path names, bake anything that needs it, and have included all your textures before you start.

Please be aware of your render settings - a few times lately there have been users with completely outrageous render times and settings. This grinds productivity to a halt and needlessly wastes render time and resources. Please do some testing and try to keep suitable render times for the projects needs and not just turn on every advanced render feature and checkbox "because you can" it often adds little to the scene and complicates things unnecessarily. Recently a project was submitted with 10+ hour render times per frame! with a little tweaking and skilled use of the settings these per frame times were brought down to 1 hour with no noticable difference in the image result. This is a professional farm geared for professional users - please understand that wasteful settings will be handled by administrator control so efficient projects can have fair access to render time. Thank you for your understanding and respect of the use of an open time farm like RenderKing.

Admin Info

Abuse of the FTP server (i.e. usage unrelated to RenderKing) or unreasonable or "overkill" high render settings may cause administrator intervention - jobs stopped, reordered in the render queue, up to, or including the immediate termination of your account - forfeiting any balance.

Admin Info: Why do my jobs sometimes change order or start for short times and then stop again? If at times there are multiple jobs waiting in the render queue, to keep balance and fair access of the render farm time the Administrator may need to bump a job up for a variety of reasons; to ensure the job will render properly (i.e. all textures are included, no memory errors etc) to get an estimate or average frame render time so projects can be time estimated and the job queue fairly balanced if needed. Under normal circumstances the job queue runs as FIFO - first in, first out - but some users will queue multiple render jobs at one time - this can create an unfair balance to other users having fair access to render time (e.g. if one user uploaded 10 really long renders at once - and at the bottom of the job queue there was your render project that could finish in just minutes rather then sitting the entire time behind the other 10 very long renders)

So occasional testing, or bumping of jobs may be necessary to help the Administrator create an accurate estimate of render time needs to balance the queue and overall user render time access. Adjustment of the render queue may also be done to allow the highest number of renders to finish in the fastest time (e.g. if there is one project estimated to take 20 hours to complete and 4 other projects behind it that all will take 30 minutes each to complete, it is more beneficial to reorder the queue for the fastest overall throughput as possible). The Administrator reserves the right to ensure the render farm is processing all projects - for all users - as balanced and efficiently as possible.

Discounts, Special Prices or Favors?

Unfortunately I do not offer weekly or daily anymore when requested… Most long time users know I really try to be accomodating and work with everyone... I really tried to do the special request thing for a few years to help people out - but it can easily become a source of abuse, constant administration headaches, and upset the balance of the subscription model... What then happens is too many start asking to just subscribe for a day or a week only - saying that is all they need etc... I understand the specific need but it devalues the subscription premise and client base of the RK... It's like of asking for a discounted price at an all you can eat buffet because you don't want the appetizer or the dessert which comes included with the meal.

Setup and Payment

Email me at indicating you would like to set up an account. Include your name, company name (if applicable), mailing address, desired LOGIN NAME and PASSWORD (minimum of 4 characters please) and what version of C4D you would like to use to render in the email. I cannot setup a new account without this information. To change your PASSWORD on a current account, just email me, or indicate the change in your next PAYPAL payment email. limits the total number of subscribers at any one time, this is to guarantee a high level of service and always enough available render time. Please email to inquire about the status of RenderKing user account availability or check the Sign Up page. Subscription fee must be paid in advance of your 25 day usage term. If all slots are filled you may choose to prepay to guarantee the next available spot - current users have first option to renew their existing subscription. If not resubscribed by the day of the expiration date posted the spot becomes available for a new user.

Payment is through PAYPAL merchant account where I have had a Certified Business Account for many years. The payment options are any major credit card, checks and direct bank account transfers. To avoid PayPay spending limits choose to pay with a standard credit card do not sign into the PayPal - instead choose the option "I do not have a paypal account" by the credit card icons. This will be a standard merchant account transaction just like any other credit card payment.

My PAYPAL account is my email address

Refunds - Rates are calculated and based off the individual Per Day rate as show above in the listed available render options and also on the RK Sign Up page. Multi-Day and 25 Day Subscription rates are discounted rates calculated based off the bulk purchase of days within the Subscription period. A 100% Refund is available if a user has subscribed early, prior to their start date, or as long as they have not began their scheduled subscription period. All other refunds will be pro-rated and calculated using the Per-Day rate only, negating any discounted bulk rates - regardless of the user having utilized any render activity on the farm or not, due to days elapsed having been occupied by the user subscription.


Go to the RenderKing Sign Up page here

Thank you and I appreciate your honesty and professional respect of this service.

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