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R16.050 and Team Render Server...

Posted May 26, 2015

Well, finally after a long time of battling little issues, it seems R16.050 has brought some stability back to network rendering in Cinema 4D R16.

This last bug fix update has been running well, jobs are moving in the queue and between render nodes much more stable and more "NET" like. What a relief right? And it seems now critical mass of users have in fact moved to R16 over R14 based on the recent few months - so that is a good milestone that R16 is gaining acceptance as it gains stability.

Along with the stability of R16.050 it has allowed the 48CPU tier to come back as an option, as before it was just too difficult keeping up with the issues of previous R16 TRS/TR versions while network rendering to keep too many render options active, but 48CPU is back and at a new lower price that fits better into the new price structure of RK of the new (well six months or so now?) 5 day, 10 day and the classic 25 day subscription options for 128 CPU/256 core tier. So there are many options to help users get the most benefit for their rendering needs.

There are still a couple small issues to watch for in R16.050, just check the most recent RK Start email for any notes on that topic, it seems under very high memory use the TR Clients can tend to time out still, but if you are aware of your memory use and work efficient as most RK users are with their scenes then it really should not be any issues to render like normal. I've been doing my best to report these types of issues to Maxon and provide any hints and info i can to help them track down the cause so it can be fixed, so hopefully soon or the next bug fix will take care of these last couple issues.

The Drop Box integration with RK is running very well, on top of that a new recent ISP upgrade has brought the network speeds here up to 300Mbs, so data transfers moving back and forth have been really smooth and fast. Of course the users side ISP does have a lot to do with the overall throughput, so keep that in mind if you are still using a 300 baud modem and dial up, that no the 300Mbs connection here at RK won't really make your data transfers much faster : ( but most users have good level ISP connections, so that means RK can usually keep bandwidth moving as fast as possible and the Drop Box integration has made using RenderKing much like using a local server and render farm - just without all the heat, noise and electricity expense. ; )

A few plugins have been upated to the latest versions including the very nice X-Particles 3.0, and there is some research being done on the Arnold render engine, though their current pricing tiers seem to be very expensive, so have been looking into options on that - it is very difficult to commit large sums like towards investments without knowing there are users who are interested in that option, so please let RK know your feelings. In the meantime VRAY 1.9.0b seems to be going well for the users running it, though 1.8 and 1.9 have not been the stable VRAY we all knew and loved as 1.2 and previous, it seems they are working out the growing pains of the last versions and things are getting back to normal. Seems to have been quite a bit of "growing pains" the past couple years in C4D - hopefully we can all get back to just focusing on the work and jobs at hand soon and get past these bumps in the road.

As always, thank you for using RenderKing.


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