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RenderKing Retooling December 2002

Posted November 12, 2002

RenderKing will be closed for the month of December 2002 for a family holiday vacation in addition to maintenance and retooling of the render clients to add support for Maya 4.5. Support for Cinema 4D 7.303 is currently still planned. Updating to Cinema 4D v8 is undecided due to costs unjustified by lower then expected repeat user sign ups. My current software needs have directed me back to Alias|Wavefront software, where I am actually very happy to be "home" again at the moment.

There will be some major changes to how the RenderKing service works, many decisions are not final as of this notice. These changes will be announced at the end of December with a slightly updated RenderKing web site.

Thank you to the steady users of RenderKing the past few months, I hope to have the "new" RenderKing be of some service to you in the future.


RenderKing 50% OFF End of Summer Special

Posted September 2, 2002

Wow, things have been going great! I can admit I was a little concerned during the first month about people needing this service, despite it seeming like a great idea - to me at least. I mistakenly assumed that RenderKing.com would be a great place for hobbyists or users learning the program to have low priced access to a lot of render power. Funny to me now, I was actually a little concerned I would get overloaded with the Level 3 users, but it appears that with the average speed of the "standard" PC these days, most users in that group appear to be content with waiting for their renders.

What I didn't really expect were the pro users! I'm happy to say there are some cool people, doing some great work with the help of RenderKing.com. There are some architectural users doing still images with the image slice technique to spread their large renders across multiple CPU's and save render time, cool architectural fly throughs, a short film being rendered here, and one user doing some very cool tests alongside their "work" renders to advance their skill and knowledge of Cinema 4D. Great Stuff! I'm very happy that these users are benefitting from RenderKing.com.

So even with all that going on, total render time used is still only averaging 25% of available capacity - there are a whole lot of unused render hours sitting idle! So, with that in mind I figured maybe an "end of summer" special may attract a couple more users interested in increasing their render power and saving their time.

So here it is...

RenderKing 50% OFF End of Summer Special

Get 50% off your October RenderKing account!

Simply refer a friend, who mentions your name and email address when they sign up for the month of September with RenderKing and you earn a 50% discount off of your October RenderKing account.

This is good on any Level you choose, use the discount to cut your October RenderKing cost in HALF or use the savings to upgrade your Level for FTP access, or higher render priority. It is your choice, whatever fits your needs.

When the new user signs up, have them provide your name and email address in their PAYPAL payment email as the person who referred them - that is all there is to it.

I will send you an email stating that you have earned a 50% discount on your next months usage. When you sign up for October, just mention the discount, and pay 50% of your chosen Level - it's that easy!

Your 50% price for the month of October would be as follows

Level 1 = $349 (priority level 70, includes FTP access) SPECIAL $174.50
Level 2 = $99 (priority level 50, includes FTP access) SPECIAL $49.50
Level 3 = $49 (priority level 30) SPECIAL $24.50


Happy Rendering!


New Tutorial Posted - Render 800% Faster On A Still Image

Posted August 4, 2002

A great timesaving tutorial for the busy Cinema 4D user. Get up to an 800% speed increase in rendering of large or complex still images, with about 10 minutes of setup and finish time. Time is money! You can render faster and tweak faster using this simple working technique. An 8 hour render could be complete in as little as 1 hour! With no adjustments or changes to any models, textures or other parts of the files, or reducing any quality settings - how can you NOT benefit from this?

Here's the first in a upcoming batch of time and money saving tutorials: http://www.renderking.com/rkvisualtut1.htm

Now get to saving time and money!


FTP Access Added, Media Transfers, and Minor Rate Changes

Posted July 21, 2002

Further progress on some GREAT suggestions to make RenderKing.com a better service have been added. Now users have the option of FTP access to the Level 2, and Level 1 accounts. This will simplify the use of RenderKing.com and provide even greater speed benefits to the service. Simply "SAVE PROJECT" from Cinema 4D which will collect all models and textures into one complete Project folder. Using any FTP client, login using your same, current RenderKing.com Level 2, or Level 1 account information and Upload the entire Project Folder at once to your user folder. When finished uploading go to the RenderKing.com web interface and have complete control over your render. When finished rendering use the web interface or FTP client to download your entire Project Folder or just your final rendered frames/files. Speed and convenience uploading, rendering, and downloading - even more of a value for your money.

Also available for Level 2, and Level 1 accounts are alternate ways to get your source materials to RenderKing.com for rendering. These include, CD, DVD or user provided Firewire external hard drive. Once you have decided on a method for transferring your files to RenderKing.com, notify me through email with the amount and media type of data you will be submitting. You must pre-pay for the amount of media you will be sending for transfer into your render account. When files are received, they will be copied to the NET server for you to then start, stop and control. You can request your final rendered files to be returned to you on CD-R or provided Firewire external hard drive as listed in the RenderKing.com FAQ. Time frame for files submitted should be processed and completed within 24 hours after receipt of files to be loaded on the Render Server for your access. Return of your final files should be processed and completed within 48 hours, which allows for files to be copied to CD-R, or onto provided hard drive for return to you.

Rates have changed a little, the basic Level 3 account has increased to $49 a month and does not include FTP access. This is a little more than $1 dollar a day for unlimited render farm access - still an amazing value. Level 2 accounts are $99, and Level 1 accounts are $349; both include full FTP upload, and download to your private secure user folder.

The possibility of adding Lightwave and Maya render farm access are being explored due to a few requests. If you are interested in this, or any other addition to RenderKing.com please email to iwant@renderking.com and let me know what you want to add for features.

Visual How-To on using Renderking.com posted

Posted July 4, 2002

Due to some GREAT suggestions on making RenderKing.com better, I have made a quick VISUAL walkthrough of the interface and how it works - this saves reading my endless, long- winded text pages or email replies. I hope others find it helpful, it does make it easier to understand how it all works. Here's the link http://www.renderking.com/rkvisualhowto.htm I hope it comes in handy for those wondering.

Possible Rate Increase

Posted July 1, 2002

Due to lower then estimated subscribers - the rates may be going up August 1st, anybody who has signed up will be eligible to keep the opening rate schedule. A lapse in service (i.e stopping continuous monthly usage) will convert your account to the new higher rate schedule.

I'm very sorry to have to raise the rates, but the low, original price structure was formulated around many concurrent steady users spreading the costs out between them to cover expenses - unfortunately an apparent lack of need for true render speed increases, despite posts to the contrary in the postforum; or a misreading of the cinema 4d user base demographics, and their apparent real needs by myself is to blame.

There are 10,080 machine hours available per month (14 CPU's x 24 hours in a day x 30 days a month) this is still an incredible value for unlimited use render access of that capacity, remember each CPU is rated at average 21+ Cinebench Rendermarks. Compare that to any other options, and nothing comes close for the price.

I hope to be able to continue what I thought would be a great shared resource with the cinema 4d user base, and while I never expected to get rich off of such low rates, I at least planned to cover expenses - at the current rate this will not be done.


PostForum Cinema 4D XL Forum Announcement

Posted June 24, 2002

290+ Cinebench Rendermarks for $1


ok here's the quick lowdown, I started building these in my spare time (yeah, so I guess I'm a real hardware geek at heart) and rendering to them from Cinema 4d XL on my mac.

so one, turned into two, then into a few, then a few more for linux... and on it goes. (I enjoy building them, and have been getting the parts at good prices, here and there) now I have a lot of them, and they sit idle most of the time due to other obligations. I was sitting and wondering what to do with them a couple weekends ago while doing some test renders and feeling bad this processing power is sitting unused most of the time, when I see mentions on the Postforum about rendering and speed, etc... so I found a cool, "cheesy" domain name, whipped up a quick web site in a "cheesy infomercial" style and set up the network for access...

so here it is, 290+ Cinebench render marks sitting on a 100base switched network, for anybody who can spare a buck a day. I figure students working on demo reels, freelance users, or people who do mostly Final Cut or After Effects - but use Cinema 4D for 3d graphics - and may not have a machine geared for 3D, or those who want some render power to move their skills and render time up into the professional ranks could really use this type of service. I know for me it is so convenient to send a test off to the farm while I keep working on my workstation - so I made the price to use it really cheap so anybody could afford it - that and I'm not really into tracking and billing for render time - and we'll see where it goes.

as far as I know, it is the only flat-rate, unlimited use render farm out there. from my past freelance days I know how expensive it can be to use a contract render farm, and how last-minute mistakes, or changes can be very expensive - this should eliminate all that worry - hopefully for everybody's benefit. there is a FAQ, and other info I thought people would want to know about me and Render King on the web site.

so there you have it, any questions? comments? critiques? suggestions? does anybody else think this will be beneficial? I know when I started working in 3d 10 years ago, I would have killed to have access to render power like this...

and it is kinda cool to think that maybe the next "pump action" might be rendered on these boxes... (of course you'll have to give RenderKing.com a credit line ; ) ...if you want to, that is...)

thanks in advance for any opinions, I hope someone can find these of benefit.



p.s. anybody that signs up for the month of July starts now, so you can get an extra week of rendering time free, plus no new account sign up fee.

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