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News to me...

Posted October 28, 2004

Well, after all the effort to get a nice web interface to support Maya users, I received a letter today from Alias that offering rendering services is contrary to Article 2 f) of the Software License Agreement for Maya. I had no idea that was stated in there and find it kind of a weird stipulation - after all it could help individuals justify the purchase of Maya from the way I see it, but the law is the law. So I have removed the Maya option for RenderKing and can only use it for my personal use and rendering. Sorry to hear this is the case, and now it does make me curious as to the ability to offer rendering services for Maya... after all there are dozens of render farms out there offing such... I'll ask Alias how that is accomplished and how all the other render farms are able to offer render services. Interesting for sure, I wonder how users can get away with selling models they've built using Maya software or other such related services. My curiosity is peaked now and at the same time I am sad to have such a weird legality in there... not sure what that is really accomplishing.

Thank you for using RenderKing!


Really, I think this is it...

Posted October 6, 2004

I know I have said this a few times before, but really - I think this is it... Today I added two more render clients for a total of 24 full time render cpu's on the farm. Plus the upgraded G5 DP and G4 DP servers running the controls, this is about all I can handle for power without running another commercial electrical line. This brings the total render gigahertz of the farm to 48ghz and the total render cinebench to 5928. This makes a new total of 17,280 render hours available each month. As before, prices and everything else stays the same, just a little more power. This actually fits a "mental" milestone for me, I prefer to animate and render at 24fps, even if for output to broadcast - I like the 3:2 pulldown look - does look more like film to me... so now the render farm will render 24:1 so one full second at a time essentially... Also the Maya web interface is done and ready for use - Finally!

Thank you for using RenderKing!


I need more power Captain!

Posted June 6, 2004

Well, I'm not much of a Star Trek fan, but i think that is what he says... This weekend I added one more render client for a total of 22 full time cpu's on the farm, on top of that i upgraded the 8 cpu's that had Athlon 1800XP processors in them to 2400XP processors - so now the entire farm has the same exact processor. This brings the total gigahertz of the farm to 44ghz and the total render cinebench to 5434. (edited CB results - 247 CB per cpu - tested again with maya render not in background - doh!) this makes a total of 15,840 render hours available each month. Prices and everything else stays the same, just a little more power. The new faster network connection from the last update has been working well and coupled with these new faster renderspeeds should be a good value combination.

Thank you for using RenderKing!


Bigger Pipe

Posted February 29, 2004

Yesterday I had the WAN connection upgraded to the fastest option I could get without a dedicated T1 - it should translate to two to three times faster uploads (your download) to the outside world. Of course that won't show any benefits if anybody outside has a slower connection but it still should translate to more robust connections overall. Pricing and planning is underway to upgrade the rest of the farm to 2400XP processors - I considered a switch to P4 with HT but the overall cost to swap motherboards and processors was not worth the much larger expense to get a slightly faster per cpu cinebench at this time. I could just add a couple more cpus (if I could find the room) to overall equal or surpass the slightly faster HT P4 for much less expense - plus the Athlons are still my favorite. The farm will be 40Ghz as soon as I finalize the upgrade details. I may try to fit in a couple more cpu's if possible - heat and electrical capacity are starting to become the bigger issues on that front.

As always, thank you for using RenderKing!


A Bunch of Stuff

Posted January 13, 2004

It has been a while since any big news or changes, today the farm was upgraded to Cinema 4D 8.5 including Sketch & Toon! also a new feature to help with those big uploads and downloads - automatic zip and unzip drop boxes in the user account! this may not seem like much but this puts even more control and speed in the users hands. network transfer is much more efficient with one large .zip file then uploading or downloading hundreds of individual files - and now you can simply copy your rendered results folder into the auto zip drop box and it will compress it for download. same for your zip uploads; just upload, copy into the unzip folder and then get rendering!

I hope the users benefit from this little bit of additional user control and as always, thank you for using RenderKing!


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