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Then there was 10...

Posted November 26, 2006

Finally got all the UB plug ins I could find and installed R10 this weekend. All is running fine and is ready for any users who have made the switch. Some plug ins are gone from the 9.x days so be sure to check the FAQ page for any you may be using.

Thank you for using RenderKing.


And More...

Posted May 23, 2006

Just got MoGraph so i've got the 9.603 update installed and mograph too... also on top of that the CDIK tools were updated to CDIK 1.4 and CDMorph 1.1, the 9.603 render clients will be finished in a couple days and then 9.6 will be available for users to sign up for and also to move your existing accounts over to if needed.

Thank you for using RenderKing.


More upgrades...

Posted April 14, 2006

Finally some time to get the plug ins installed! Here is the list of new or updated plugins that are now active on the farm for C4D R9.5 users the currently installed plug-ins are: quicktime 6.5.1, shave 2.0v29, MSA 3.12, v8 solid splines pro, helix 3.08, jenna v2.25, fizz 1.31f, sketch & toon 1.10.05, erigger 1.0, emorpher 8.5, stormtracer 1.11.00, pathdeformer 1.47, nota 1.43, fast & fur 1.45f, vreel skin 1.5, translucent pro 1.5, xray, steadycam pro 2.1, CD IK Tools 1.3, CD Morph 1.0, CD Constraints 1.0, place on points2, meshdeformer 1.1c, realflow3, ozone 2.0, ditools 1.41b, xfrog 4.2.2, colormapping v4, enlighter, ambiente2, distance falloff, zblur 1.52, bodypaint2, advanced render, thinking particles, pyrocluster, mocca, and dynamics, hair, and any factory included plug ins with 9.5 - all from the Studio bundle.

Also just received the additional ram that will bring all the render clients up to 2GB each which should help a bit with VM flushing out faster and on those extra large renders.

Thank you for using RenderKing.


Email Issues...

Posted January 9, 2006

Well, I'm not sure the cause - but my ISP that handles my email in California has has three outages in the past couple months - under normal "issues" or maintenance an hour here or there is actually pretty common - the past outages being the apparent result of deluges of SPAM and other nastyness... These past couple outages have been a bit more extreme - this one beginning this morning i'm gussing about 8am and still not able to receive any email. I can send and log into my webmail so it appears to be isolated to the pop server... so if you've sent me any email - I hope to receive it with no issues when the pop server comes back up - if I appear to not respond - I may not have been able to receive your email so please accept my apologies and if it is an emergency you can email me at I will be evaluating and possibly changing ISP's as this may become a difficult thing to operate around - I will determine that in the near future and there should be no noticible change to any users.

There are some new plugins coming for RK as soon as I can get a few uninterrpted hours to get them installed, one I did get installed in the interim is the new HAIR module from Maxon. Please check the FAQ pages for specific details on any other new service additions...

Thank you for using RenderKing.


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