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R16 and Team Render Server...

Posted September 14, 2014

All the previous behind the scenes upgrades and improvments the past couple months are really working smoothing and with the addition of R16 and Team Render Server things are really feeling back to normal here on RenderKing.

R16 seems to run R15 jobs just fine, but be very careful with opening any R15 jobs on your end in R16 as there have been some issues with shaders being coverted, assuming to support the R16 Reflectance channels and that has altered them and once saved seems irreversible to go back to R15 rendering - so be careful. I've not yet done enough rendering only of R15 scenes in R16 but it seems so far that any previous versions of C4D files render fine in R16 Team Render Server.

Also one thing to be careful of until a bug fix update is released - if you have an existing project folder from previous versions of NET Server and there is an "old" existing job.ini file in the project folder, it will cause the projet folder to duplicate continously in the R16 Team Render Server web interface lists - assuming some old data being read and loaded improperly - so deleting the job.ini file before you upload seems the safest way to avoid this glitch for now, but I will do more testing and see if deleting the old job.ini file from FTP or Drop Box interface will reset the project folder and hopefully allow proper loading and listing in the R16 Team Render Server web interface.

While the first release of R16 Team Render Server is not perfect yet, it seems to be laying the foundation for a more mature and feature filled version of NET Server, I know there are a lot of users very happy at Maxon's decision to bring back our missing "NET" functionality.

R16.021 is all ready to go on the farm, and with some hopeful coming soon interface tweaks to the Team Render Server web page design I think most all users will be very happy and back to speed with Maxons network rendering.

Thank you for using RenderKing.


Behind the scenes upgrades and improvements...

Posted July 28, 2014

Been busy with behind the scenes types of upgrades and improvments the past couple months...

New networking gear including everything from the new high end firewall and router giving top of the line performance as well as the latest and greatest security protection, to the all gigabit switches, just been optimizing and making sure that the network is running as fast as it can. Some of this work is in preparation for yet another increase in ISP bandwidth speeds, and the hopefully sooner then later, move to fiber when it becomes available in my local area with the main firewall router now supporting speeds up to 300Mbps.

Plug in updates, including VRAY and VRAY 1.9 are now on the farm for those who need them, also some new plugins including TurbulanceFD, XFrog 5.2 and some others that have been recently requested by users.

R15 has been on the farm for nearly a year now, though to very few users who have been requesting use of it. R15 scene files do open and render fine under the R14 NET Server with the one exception of avoiding the single R15 specific GI setting. So, far hundreds of R15 projects have rendered just fine this way on RK, and otherwise RK runs just like we all were accustomed to under previous versions of NET. For VRAY users it is even better, as any R15 scenes using VRAY run completely as expected, while the NET Server in this case just operates like a normal render manager and primarily handles the render projects and frames going back and forth between the NET Servers and NET Clients, as the real rendering work is passed off to the VRAY engine on the render clients - so everything runs just as expected

The biggest news and excitement from RK users is that Drop Box has been integrated into the farm!. This gives Render King another first - making RK the first Drop Box enabled render farm out there - i'm sure this feature will be surely copied by many others who look to RK for their "what's next" inspiration - much like RK's introduction of subscriptions and flat rate pricing that literally changed the render farm industry back in 2002 and was quickly copied by nearly all render farms in operation.

With Drop Box enabled - talk about a simple and seamless render experience... You simply drag your project folder into your Drop Box folder on your local computer, then log onto the RK NET Server and press START - that's it!.

The project renders at the fastest speeds possible between the Render Servers and the Render Clients on the all gigabit network, while the completed rendered frames are invisibly sent back to your Drop Box folder as they finish (the biggest perfomance issue of the "cloud farms" is data transfer which costs you time and money) So when your project is done rendering here at RK - the data is typically already transferred back to your local computer and ready for use. The added ability of Drop Box to add other users for collaboration, or working with remote users while you all share the latest project files, data and competed renders is a nice benefit.

Thank you for using RenderKing.


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