How to Sign Up
Email me at indicating you would like to set up an account.

Include your name, company name (if applicable), mailing address, desired LOGIN NAME and PASSWORD (minimum of 6 characters please) and what version(s) of C4D and if needed VRAY, you would like to use to render in the email. I cannot setup an account without this information. To begin using your account just click your choice below, choose any quantities in the shopping cart, and pay the appropriate fee to begin your render subscription. Please email me if you have any questions.

Payment is through PAYPAL merchant account where I have had a Certified Business Account for over 20 years. The payment options are any major credit card, checks and direct bank account transfers.
My PAYPAL account is my email address limits the total number of subscribers at any one time, this is to guarantee a high level of service and always enough available render time. Please email to inquire about RenderKing user account availability or check the user subscription status below. Subscription fee must be paid in advance of your subscription start.
Please see the FAQ for more details.
If you would like to use Drop Box with your RenderKing subscription, please include any applicable user emails address to allow me to send the Drop Box subscription request emails to.
Current User Subscription Status
User #1 • Expires 05-26-2018
User #2 • Expires 05-15-2018
User #3 • Expires 05-27-2018
User #4 • -- Now Available --
User #5 • Expires 05-24-2018

------------------------------ RenderKing Subscription Options ------------------------------
128 CPU 25 days $1489
48 CPU 25 days $689
48CPU 96core 220 Ghz C4D
128CPU 256core 588 Ghz C4D VRAY/CYCLES
Only $27.56 per day
$4,725 Value - SAVE $3236 Only $59.56 per day
128 CPU 10 days $1189
128 CPU 5 days $845
128CPU 256core 588Ghz C4D VRAY/CYCLES
128CPU 256core 588Ghz C4D VRAY/CYCLES
$1,890 Value - SAVE $701 Only $118.90 per day
$945 Value - SAVE $100 Only $169.00 per day
---------------------------- Other Render Options ----------------------------
Large Format Render $99
Per Frame Render
128CPU 256core 588Ghz C4D VRAY/CYCLES
128CPU 256core 588Ghz C4D VRAY/CYCLES
.95 cents per frame, 200 frame minimum render
Large Format/Tiled Camera/24 hours runtime per image
TR Distributed Render $50
128CPU 256core C4D Team Render DR
per 3 hours runtime per image
------------------------------------------ Additional Options ------------------------------------------
Upgrade C4D Subscription $849
Custom Payment Amount
Upgrade 48CPU 96core to 128CPU 256core
Custom Amount for Special Request Services

Thank you for your support, and thank you for using RenderKing.

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